Project Description

Wabo®SeismicSpan System is for wider joints exposed to heavy loading or when design considerations call for the ability to accommodate multi-directional seismic movement. The APS model has a surface mounted slide plate while the APX’s plates are recessed. Slide plates are available in aluminum or stainless steel. A snap-in moisture barrier combined with a Wabo®Crete II edge void filler enhances the system’s water integrity. APS, APX

Product Highlights

  • Seismic capable
  • Accommodates heavy loads
  • Seismic centering technology
  • Stainless steel or aluminum covers

Technical Document Downloads

Top designers collaborate for a next level stadium

With its impressive geometric structure and polygonal surfaces, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium demanded an innovative set of solutions. In order to meet the project’s inspired design and build parameters, WBA delivered both cutomised products as well as solutions from its Wabo® product portfolio, and helped facilitate a seamless installation process.

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