Project Description

Wabo®HSeal is a pre-compressed elastomeric coated expansion joint system designed to provide a permanent weather tight seal. Primarily used in horizontal applications, the system is sealed in place with an epoxy, to accommodate horizontal, vertical, and skew expansion joint movements. Wabo®HSeal consists of a UV stable, mico-cell, polyurethane foam impregnated with a hydrophobic polymer and topped with a traffic grade elastomeric coating.

Product Highlights

  • Pre-Compressed Expansion Joint
  • Accommodates ±50% movement
  • Seal is UV resistant
  • For use in horizontal applications
  • Sound insulator

A new engine testing structure at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre required a flexible, water tight, acoustically sound expansion joint system. Wabo®HSeal was selected by the client and then installed by RAB.  As well as the features above and being able to accommodate vertical, horizontal and skew movements, HSeal has excellent acoustic properties too – not only keeping water out but keeping noise in. It is ideal for car parks, plazas, stadiums, and waste water facilities. RAB also offer a bridge version of the product called FS Bridge Seal.

Technical Document Downloads