Project Description

WaboElastoFlex provides a continuous membrane combined with heavy duty, steel reinforced rubber blocks. The system is designed for heavy duty applications in parking decks, loading docks, elevated roadways and other vehicle and forklift traffic. EFJ

Product Highlights

  • Quiet rubber pads
  • Reduces impact loading
  • Continuous watertight seal
  • High chemical resistance
  • The M shape seal configuration folds upward via its three preformed hinges allowing easy expulsion of debris and gravel.

Technical Document Downloads

Denver International Airport returns to WBA and  Wabo® joints once again to meet a diverse set of requirements

In 1995, Denver International Airport (DIA) opened its terminals for the first time, adding much-needed airport capacity to the Denver area. For the project, Watson Bowman Acme provided a number of expansion joint solutions, many of which are still in pristine condition over 20 years later. Given that track record, it’s no surprise that when a massive addition to the airport was announced, RSI – the contractor on the original build – chose WBA once again to provide expansion joint solutions.

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