Featured Joints for Ramps


Reliable, Sustainable, Innovative Product Solutions for the Construction Industry

Building on the bridge engineering expertise of Watson Bowman Acme, along with their knowledge of seismic movement, structural behaviour and vehicular loading, RAB are able to provide high quality, high performance expansion control systems that last, for the ever-increasing performance demands of the parking, stadium and arena structure market. Parking and Stadium structures require the same high-performance as architectural expansion joints with the added requirement water tightness and fire protection for areas in and around luxury boxes, stair towers, and public use areas within those structures. Add to this, requirements for seismic management and sustainability of the structure, and you need the engineered expertise of Wabo® products from RAB.


We aim to help make parking safer, quieter, more accessible, more waterproof, longer lasting and better looking.

Why Settle for Ordinary?

With so much beautiful architecture being created around the world, it only makes sense to ensure that any complimentary or nearby parking facilities look as good as possible.  So let RAB help you to achieve your vision with robust, high quality, expansion joints that help your project remain looking good for as long as possible. 

Sustainable Solutions

WBA actively engages in environmentally responsible organisational culture and practices, incorporating recycled and recyclable materials and renewable materials within its product offering whenever possible and using waste reduction practices to lower the impact on natural resources and landfills.