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Outstanding Services to Highway Civil Engineers

RAB have the expertise to design and install long-term, cost-effective solutions for your specialist requirements.

Located in central England, we operate all over the UK and work for main contractors, local authorities and direct with the Highways Agency. We innovate our own products and services, and we have a wealth of product and installation experience to draw upon.

Our Core Services

RAB Associates UK pioneered the development of the Permatrack range of products with Permanite (and subsequently IKO) over the past 15 years. With RAB’s decades of product design experience and Permanite’s (IKO) manufacturing activities we have created one of the most versatile jointing and highway repair systems available on the market today. Please visit our Permatrack  Hub for more information on what Permatrack can do for you.

Whatever the structure, whatever the requirement, RAB can design and install the correct solution to ensure you achieve the best whole life costings possible. We install and repair bridge expansion joints; asphaltic plugs, mechanical, elasomeric, top ups and carry out emergency repairs – we have a cost effective solution for you.

Most ironworks are bedded on brick or concrete biscuits and, over time, the compressive stresses placed on the frames break up the concrete or brick. This leads to the frame shifting or sinking and fast becomes a problem for both road safety and local noise pollution. Simply re-bedding the frames in tarmac or other asphalt products is only a short term fix. RAB install the only system that comes with a 10 year guarantee – the Permatrack Ironworks System. Find out more here.

Improve the whole life costing of your concrete & highway repairs. Don’t accept solutions that need replacing within months or the next year. Our specialist repair solutions give you the best whole life costing and a cast iron guarantee you won’t be going back to that repair anytime soon. We can overband cracks, re-bed ironworks, replace nosings in expansion joints across a variety of structures from port yards to highway bridges.

Permatrack Systems

Permatrack is one of the most versatile highway jointing, wearing course and repair systems on the market today. Permatrack can be used as a combined WPM and wearing course, re-bedding iron works, expansion joints, crack sealing, replacing nosings and more. Please visit our Permatrack Hub for more information and example contacts.


Highway Jointing

RAB install plug joints, rail joints, elastomeric joints and high modulus joints. We have installed expansion joints in bridges and symphony halls! We also repair mechanical joints and overlay APJ’s. Please visit one of our market sector pages below to view joints specific to your needs.

Highway Repairs & Surfacing

Whether we are resurfacing a bridge with Permatrack, or using Permatrack to re-bed ironworks, it is one of the most effective repair solutions on the market today. Read more about our Permatrack contracts here or see case studies on the use of Permatrack as a Combined WPM and Wearing Course here.


Maintenance and installation of all types of expansion joints, Permatrack Deck Surfacing and inlay repair services for the bridges engineer.

Bridge Services



Reflective cracking, long term inlay repairs, de-lamination and specialist treatments for all surfaces for the highways engineer.

Highways Services



High modulus repairs, re-bedding ironworks, expansion joints for car parks, distribution and transport hubs including airports and rail.

Infrastructure Services



We offer a 10 year warranty on the re-bedding of all problem ironworks to all types of structures with the Permatrack system.

Ironworks Services


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