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The Wabo@ range of distribution expansion joint systems offer the following features:
  • Armoured and armourless joint systems

  • Watertight systems that withstand harsh conditions

  • Superior bonding solutions that are easy to install & traffic ready within hours

  • Disability association approved systems

  • Multi-directional movement systems

  • Durable and versatile with accelerated movement & long term performance


We have a reputation for supplying best-in-class products and solutions which satisfy the unique demands of infrastructure design-build projects.


RAB and Watson Bowman Acme’s experience across many industry sectors means that when it comes to meeting the demands of some of the worlds largest distribution centres we have a variety of solutions on offer.  These solutions cater to specific needs in terms of long term performance, installation speed and accuracy, along with sleek finishes which do not get in the way of computerised warehouse technology solutions or fork-lift vehicles

Download our 16 page guide to help you choose the right expansion joint system. Includes a handy 2 page checklist.