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RAB has over 40 years experience in civil engineering projects from a broad range of industries so you can be sure that we have the knowledge to help you choose the right system for your projects.   Choose from a wide range of world class interior and exterior expansion joint systems. As the sole UK distributor for Wabo® expansion joints we can offer you unrivalled choice and unrivalled support for even the most complex project.

Download our 16 page guide to help you choose the right expansion joint system. Includes a handy 2 page checklist.



We have a reputation for supplying best-in-class products and solutions which satisfy the unique demands of infrastructure design-build projects.

The Wabo@ range of bridge expansion joint systems offer the following features:
  • Armoured and armourless joint systems

  • Watertight systems that withstand harsh conditions

  • Superior bonding solutions that are easy to install & traffic ready within hours

  • Disability association approved systems

  • Multi-directional movement systems

  • Durable and versatile with accelerated movement & long term performance

  • Withstands high impact traffic loads