“A solid belief in creativity, technological innovation and common decency form the basis of our company.”

RAB have been pioneering civil engineering developments for over 40 years thanks to the knowledge and creativity of our founder: Mike Skipper. We continue to move forward with offering unique solutions but also now provide the extensive range of expansion joint solutions created by Watson Bowman Acme. From modest beginnings in the 1950’s, WBA now provides technical support and product solutions for some of the worlds most complex and challenging applications. Some of the projects include: the Hoover Dam bypass bridge, the Tesla Gigafactory, and the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

RAB Expansion Joints is focused entirely on providing product and is not an installer of these systems. Our sister company RAB Associates Ltd. provides both installation and training services for all products on this site and more.


RAB’s mission is to provide the most appropriate, quality product for the job to support our customers’ needs and objectives, whilst upholding our requirements for ethical and moral business practices.


As a partner company to RAB Associates, we aim to continue our approach to providing long term, high quality solutions  while expanding our expansion joint offerings in partnership with Watson Bowman Acme.


A business that aims to provide the most cost effective, long lasting solutions in all major sectors where quality and reliability are key.


We are happy to provide guidance and recommendations based on industry best practice combined with over 40 years civil engineering experience.


Although we offer over 80 different expansion joints we can also offer bespoke solutions in the unlikely event that a one off solution is required.


Wabo® joints are manufactured by Watson Bowman Acme who have been providing quality systems as standard since the 1950s.


We are committed to upholding our business values – and yours, in every project and task we take on.

We don’t just sell product. We pride ourselves on offering the right systems for the project; that is the one that does the job and provides the best lifetime costings. Over forty years of accumulated knowledge and experience in civil engineering means we wish to keep our reputation for getting things right intact.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all images, other than expansion joint illustrations and videos are used for design purposes only and are not meant to represent a specific use or project proposed or installed by RAB or WBA.

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